The result of the 2020 presidential election is now official—Joe Biden has been elected the 46th President of the United States in a victory that was made possible by the huge turnout of young Americans and the decisive voter choice of young voters of color. President-elect Biden’s running mate, Senator Kamala Harris, is the first woman, and the first person of Black and South-Asian descent, ever elected to serve as Vice President.

Young people turned out in record numbers in the 2018 midterms and were largely responsible for turning the tide of that election and sending the most diverse freshman class in United States history to Congress. Now, following years of advocacy, protesting, and organizing that was led overwhelmingly by young people of color, young voters again turned out in record numbers to demand a say in the future of this nation. According to initial exit polls, Millennials and Generation Z favored Biden by a greater margin than any other age demographic when deciding which candidate would best lead the United States forward. 

Brent J. Cohen, the executive director of Generation Progress Action, issued the following statement in response to the election results.

“The past four years have been formative ones for many young Americans—we have collectively witnessed the emboldening of white supremacist violence, unthinkingly cruel immigration policies that ripped families apart and stole children away from their parents, life-threatening inaction on gun violence and climate change, and one of the biggest national reckonings around racial injustice and police violence that our nation has ever seen. On top of this, over the last nine months, we have experienced a pandemic that has taken the lives of over 230,000 people in the United States, infected nearly 9 million, and resulted in job losses and an exacerbated student debt crisis for tens of millions. 

This election was just a glimpse into the political power of young people. Millennials and Generation Z know that politics isn’t something that you show up for once every four years, and we will continue fighting for the issues that matter most to our generations, our nation, and the world.” 

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